Exactly what is a premium Snapchat account?

So what is a premium Snapchat?

It really is very simple and that I will make clear in this swift posting.

A premium Snap account is essentially a free Snapchat account that you simply set to private, in order that only your friends or particular guys or girls that you decide to add can see your content.

Now how can you setup a premium Snap account?

You actually just create it as you would a normal Snap account.

You simply go to your Settings and after that under the 'Who Can See My Story' section, change it to either My Friends or Customized people and then find which individuals you would like to see your Snap content.

Individuals in different industries use this to safeguard their videos and pictures on Snapchat. And loads of adult actresses use a private Snapchat account as a way to defend their private Snap content.

This way only people they pick or people that pay or gift the model with a present can get access to that private Snapchat account to see their Snap content.

So a private or premium Snapchat account is basically a private Snapchat account that is just setup identical to a free account, but you simply change the account settings so only certain people get to see it.

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